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CPD Summer Institute in Public Diplomacy
July 8July 20, 2018
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The USC Center on Public Diplomacy Summer Institute in Public Diplomacy is a rigorous, multi-disciplinary two-week training program designed to enhance the practice of public diplomacy. Since 2006, the CPD Summer Institute has provided participants with a critical understanding of the role of public diplomacy in the global community, and with tools for improving the impact and image of their country or organization abroad. 

Through an array of classes both theoretical (the core courses) and practical (the toolbox courses), as well as group projects, participants will:

  • Pinpoint the challenges facing contemporary public diplomacy and the range of strategies available to address them
  • Analyze the impact of new communications technologies and globalization upon public diplomacy

Utilize cutting-edge social science research in real-time public diplomacy practice.


Course Structure

Each day of the Summer Institute will consist of a full day of courses from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday. There will be a program Orientation on the Sunday prior to classes. The Closing Ceremony will take place immediately following the last session which will include dinner and the presentation of certificates.


Core Courses Include:
  1. Advocacy & Public Diplomacy
  2. Cultural Diplomacy
  3. History & Introduction to Public Diplomacy
  4. How to Build a Psychological Frame
  5. Influence & Credibility
  6. Listening & Public Diplomacy
  7. Ideology & Working in Hostile Posts
Toolbox & Thematic Courses Include:
  1. China's Public Diplomacy
  2. Creativity, Innovation and Leadership
  3. Designing & Planning PD Strategies
  4. Diasporas & Public Diplomacy
  5. Digital Tools & Analytics
  6. Exchange Diplomacy
  7. Framing Public Diplomacy
  8. Multimedia Storytelling
  9. Nation/Place Branding
  10. Public Opinion & Public Diplomacy
  11. Research Methods in Public Diplomacy: Quantitative & Qualitative
  12. Regional Issues in Public Diplomacy
  13. Strategic Communication

Session Information

July 8July 20, 2018
Summer Institute Tuition Fee, Single Participant)  $6,850
Summer Institute Tuition Fee, Two or More from the Same Organization $5,150
F-1 Visa Fee $250


"Taught by experts with a vast knowledge of the international arena, the seminar afforded me a whole new perspective on effective strategies to communicate, adapt and participate as a diplomat in a rapidly changing global environment."
Deputy General Director
North America Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mexico
"The program provided for valuable networking while refreshing knowledge and broadening expertise in a creative environment."
Media Communications Advisor
United Nations Development Programme
"For me, the Summer Institute was a time to step back from the quickly changing, rapid response world of media and international relations and reflect on strategy and bigger picture issues."
U.S. Foreign Service