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Grounded Reform: Fixing Frelaria’s Dysfunctional Land Tenure System

land reform

A Case Study On the Politics of Change

The sounds outside were deafening. Hassan peered out his hotel window, staring at the clump of protesters crowding around the entrance to the Bekabe Regal Hotel. They were yelling, singing, and chanting various slogans. He caught snippets of, “Get your hands off our land, foreigners”, “This land is ours”, and “We are done with our colonial masters! Power to the rural poor!”. Hassan closed the curtains. He had taken refuge in his room, attempting to get a moment of peace and quiet to do some writing before tomorrow’s Stakeholder Workshop. He sighed, exasperated. He knew that Frelaria desperately needed new land laws and administrative reform, but with all this rancor and antipathy surrounding the release of the proposed Land Reform Plan, he could not fathom how they would manage to pass any land legislation through parliament. He was convinced that Frelaria would benefit tremendously by passing a land law this year but he had no idea what assistance he could possibly provide to help manage the politics of reform and overcome the ever-mounting opposition.