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Poverty Decreasing Worldwide, But...


According to the latest World Bank report, worldwide poverty (those who live under $1.90 a day) has continually decreased. From 2008-2013, the worldwide poverty numbers have fallen by an average of 88 million people per year. If the current trend continues, worldwide poverty will be eradicated by 2030. Despite the optimistic numbers and trend, the World Bank cautions the public. Though sub-Saharan Africa and the South Asia region have made significant progress in eradicating poverty, the majority of those living under poverty has now shifted from the East Asia region to the sub-Saharan Africa region. At the current rate that sub-Saharan Africa region is fighting poverty, the final phase of ending worldwide poverty will significantly slow down and be at its hardest.

Unfortunately, the possible slowdown in eradicating global poverty is not the World Bank's main concern. The World Bank's main concern is the rise of inequality of wealth in the developing nations, something that citizens of the developing nation are already facing. The World Bank believes that Inequality and poverty go hand in hand. The final phase of eradicating worldwide poverty will be heavily influenced by whether developing nations will combat inequality by redistributing wealth to all its citizens.