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The World Bank-Annenberg Summer Instittue came to a close on June 15 and you can read about thhe cohort and their experience completing the program here.
This article, published by McKingsey & Company's Digital Blog, is a recap of SXSW panel on the importance of empathy-driven design especially when when designing for AI. 
The annual Global Communications Report conducted by the USC Center for Public Relations is designed to provide insight into the evolution of the global communications industry by analyzing emerging trends. The 2018 Report focused on the evolution of ethics and other changes within paid, earned, owned and shared media.
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This report, developed by the World Economic Forum, examines what the infrastructure and urban development industry could look like in the future and the strategic implications for the key stakeholders and broader society.
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The IDI is a project of the World Economic Forum’s System Initiative on the Future of Economic Progress, which aims to inform and enable sustained and inclusive economic progress through deepened public-private cooperation through thought leadership and analysis, strategic dialogue and concrete cooperation, including by accelerating social impact through corporate action.
More nations than ever passed business reforms in 2016 to ease opening and running a small to medium size business for its citizens. Despite improvements for many nations, gender disparity still exists for women in starting and running a business in the developing world.